Black Panther

Après les événements qui se sont déroulés dans Captain America : Civil War, T’Challa revient chez lui prendre sa place sur le trône du Wakanda, une nation africaine technologiquement très avancée. Mais lorsqu’un vieil ennemi resurgit, le courage de T’Challa est mis à rude épreuve, aussi bien en tant que souverain qu’en tant que Black Panther. Il se retrouve entraîné dans un conflit qui menace non seulement le destin du Wakanda, mais celui du monde entier…


  1. Anon 27.05.18

    prototype ?

  2. Anon 27.05.18

    This gets 1 Mil every hour, I woke up 29M see it again 30M Now 31M+.

  3. Anon 27.05.18

    Wow this looks....stupid

  4. Anon 27.05.18

    Kto z Polski daje mi suba xddd

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  6. Anon 27.05.18

    This gives too much away, is it an action or a crime drama?

  7. Anon 27.05.18

    This is going to be awesome

  8. Anon 27.05.18


  9. Anon 27.05.18

    We are Black Panther

  10. Anon 27.05.18

    If you've noticed, it said \"In association with marvel\" which means Marvel was helping and involved with this film.

  11. Anon 27.05.18

    If ever there is a Carnage movie I would like to be that character or be the actor that plays that roll

  12. Anon 27.05.18

    Wish they would use tom hardys own voice for the symbiot (like william dafoe did in the 1st spiderman for the good and bad side of green goblin) and explore more of the psychosis side of it--which would be more interesting IMO. Seems a bit unnatural that the symbiot suddenly develops a mufasa-like/Michael Clarke Duncan voice once it possesses a host. Also the teeth look like onion rings.

  13. Anon 27.05.18

    1st in Poland!

  14. Anon 27.05.18


  15. Anon 27.05.18

    Excuse me, Where's Eddy Brook........WOW , SO THAT\"S EDDY.

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  17. Anon 27.05.18

    Ctm dejenme madurar

  18. Anon 27.05.18

    Is that Mad Max?

  19. Anon 27.05.18

    I have a gut feeling, I’m gonna like Tom Hardy as Bane more than as Black Panther. Because he’s amazing as Bane. So trying to picture him as another supervillain is quite hard to imagine.

  20. Anon 27.05.18


  21. Anon 27.05.18

    Peter Rabbit looks better.

  22. Anon 27.05.18

    ala o Black Panther extreme saindo do minecraft pra Hollywood

  23. Anon 27.05.18

    여기는 ㅇㅅㅇ 하는사람없어서 좋네

  24. Anon 27.05.18

    30 million views in one day! Also, this is going to be the best movie ever. My favourite marvel character finally gets a movie, WHOO!!

  25. Anon 27.05.18

    Looks poisonous

  26. Anon 27.05.18

    Awesome tom hardy.....fab...Black Panther...

  27. Anon 27.05.18

    كس أمك المورم

  28. Anon 27.05.18

    So glad he looks like Black Panther I was hoping they wouldn't mess how he looks up

  29. Anon 27.05.18

    30 millions in 1 day, woooow

  30. Anon 27.05.18


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