The Predator

Les pires prédateurs de l'univers sont maintenant plus forts et plus intelligents que jamais, ils se sont génétiquement perfectionnés grâce à l'ADN d'autres espèces. Alors qu’un jeune garçon devient accidentellement leur cible, seul un équipage hétéroclite d'anciens soldats et un professeur de science contestataire peuvent empêcher l’extinction de la race humaine.


  1. Anon 18.10.18

    #1trending I'm New Zealand

  2. Anon 18.10.18

    \"Anti Hero\"... Well... He's been at times, but he is most certainly not. He's a villian my dudes, he's just going after bad people because it just so happens they hurt him.

  3. Anon 18.10.18

    F spider man we are The Predator

  4. Anon 18.10.18

    Hey!What about Spiderman 4? C'mon No tobey Maguire

  5. Anon 18.10.18

    Wow actually want to go see this!

  6. Anon 18.10.18

    I’ve watched this 10 times in 2days

  7. Anon 18.10.18

    When are we gonna see carnage in one of these films? Such a kool character.

  8. Anon 18.10.18

    That face gives me nightmares

  9. Anon 18.10.18

    i saw a fake trailer with tom hardy of The Predator a time ago, how did that guy know??

  10. Anon 18.10.18

    Here before 50 mil :D

  11. Anon 18.10.18

    This kinda doesn't look very good to me. I guess we'll see. I'm guessing it will be better than Justice League, but not by much.

  12. Anon 18.10.18

    I think that audio is of Brock telling The Predator that he needs to learn how to hide in plain sight

  13. Anon 18.10.18

    “We are The Predator”

  14. Anon 18.10.18

    #1 trending in #wkwkwkwLand

  15. Anon 18.10.18

    At 1:38 how does the symbiote arm punch through his hoodie but the hoodie is dosent have a hole in the back?

  16. Anon 18.10.18

    Well I stand corrected \nThey better put this The Predator in the MCU

  17. Anon 18.10.18

    Challenging marble <200 million views.almost to exceed

  18. Anon 18.10.18

    His voice sounds prepubescent

  19. Anon 18.10.18

    1 MILLION LIKES BEST DOPE The Predator 2:20

  20. Anon 18.10.18

    I was like looks good looks good, \"Sees transformation at the end\" Comic book geek in me yells in joy

  21. Anon 18.10.18

    Only problem: It’s pronounced Sym-bee-oat not sym-bye-oat. How could Sony let that actually happen

  22. Anon 18.10.18

    where spidermang

  23. Anon 18.10.18

    2:16 best scene of the trailer\nWe are The Predator

  24. Anon 18.10.18

    Are they going to show Tom Hardy's hardy?

  25. Anon 18.10.18

    Is The Predator enemy of spiderman ? This movie talk about ? :y

  26. Anon 18.10.18


  27. Anon 18.10.18

    they didnt make it dark and serious enough.. won't be rated r.. they are trying to make money off large market of little kids

  28. Anon 18.10.18


  29. Anon 18.10.18

    this is awesome can't wait for the release!!!! yes!!! this is so awesome!!!!

  30. Anon 18.10.18

    This is going to be good, I can see it.

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