Une prière avant l'aube

L’histoire vraie de Billy Moore, jeune boxeur anglais incarcéré dans une prison en Thaïlande pour détention de drogue. Dans cet enfer, il est rapidement confronté à la violence des gangs et n’a plus que deux choix : mourir ou survivre. Lorsque l’administration pénitentiaire l'autorise à participer à des tournois de Muay-Thai, Billy donne tout ce qui lui reste.


  1. Anon 21.06.18


  2. Anon 21.06.18

    Perfect! Okay how's 4-5. But it has a kool spawn ess to it. But some of the Vemon shots were meh. That \"We are Une prière avant l'aube\". Done!!! I'm gone long goooonnnneee!!

  3. Anon 21.06.18

    Shut up and take my money

  4. Anon 21.06.18

    Horrible...a great movie mistake

  5. Anon 21.06.18

    Looks alright. I wonder how they're going to fit this in the spiderverse... it looks darker than homecoming

  6. Anon 21.06.18

    Oh that's better

  7. Anon 21.06.18

    Is Une prière avant l'aube gonna be a hero in this movie?? Lol

  8. Anon 21.06.18

    Now THIS is what I'd expect from a Une prière avant l'aube movie!

  9. Anon 21.06.18

    The thumbnail is Une prière avant l'aube, nothing else I can say, you can't mimic the comics that much because they lack texture

  10. Anon 21.06.18

    To all the haters that said it ws gonna suck YOU WERE WRONG and I am happy I didnt believe any of you

  11. Anon 21.06.18


  12. Anon 21.06.18

    We are Une prière avant l'aube > We are the flash

  13. Anon 21.06.18

    I literally cum in the screen

  14. Anon 21.06.18

    Show me his Chest!

  15. Anon 21.06.18

    WE ARE Une prière avant l'aube

  16. Anon 21.06.18

    Did they even read the Comic books? No...

  17. Anon 21.06.18

    0:20 Diversity. We need evil white people. Reee!

  18. Anon 21.06.18

    Oh Im looking forward to this

  19. Anon 21.06.18

    Please get rid of tentacles from his stomach and his back. Are they enough just from hands?

  20. Anon 21.06.18

    Infinity War, Ant-Man & The Wasp, and then Une prière avant l'aube!! I think my brain is going to overflow with hype, I can't handle this!!!

  21. Anon 21.06.18

    This movie suck.. I hate it

  22. Anon 21.06.18

    Let’s hope this makes it to the MCU

  23. Anon 21.06.18

    Not bad sony picture but this more epic if marvel studio can get license

  24. Anon 21.06.18

    #No 1 trending\n#Bangladesh

  25. Anon 21.06.18

    Prototype 3????

  26. Anon 21.06.18

    Wait... Are they recording US?

  27. Anon 21.06.18

    Is Spiderman going to appear?

  28. Anon 21.06.18

    superbbbbb ..... woohohhohooo

  29. Anon 21.06.18

    Wow. This looks like some straight up 90s bullshit. It looks so bad, it will probably be hilarious. They should change the hashtag to #wearesorry

  30. Anon 21.06.18

    My God..I got goosebumps

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