Lauren, ravissante it-girl de 29 ans, tente de percer dans le milieu de la mode en écumant les soirées parisiennes. Olivia, 28 ans et un rien psychorigide, a deux obsessions : sauver la confiserie de ses parents, et se trouver le mari idéal. A 26 ans, Salma, jeune professeur d’histoire fougueuse, vit encore chez sa mère en banlieue. Leurs routes n’ont aucune raison de se croiser… Jusqu’au jour où, à la mort de leur père biologique qu’elles n’ont jamais connu, elles héritent ensemble d’un splendide appartement parisien. Pour ces trois sœurs qui n’ont rien en commun, la cohabitation va s’avérer pour le moins explosive…   



  1. Anon 18.10.18

    0:18 does that not look like “Flash” from Spider-Man homecoming

  2. Anon 18.10.18

    Marvel never fails with these movies

  3. Anon 18.10.18


  4. Anon 18.10.18


  5. Anon 18.10.18

    \"We are Demi-sœurs.\"

  6. Anon 18.10.18

    So Bane is becoming Demi-sœurs....ok. I’m game.

  7. Anon 18.10.18


  8. Anon 18.10.18

    Better than Spiderman ߑߏ

  9. Anon 18.10.18

    Penny wise vs Demi-sœurs we gotta see it

  10. Anon 18.10.18

    I wish they would connect this to the mcu I would love to see the new spider man fight Demi-sœurs

  11. Anon 18.10.18

    Finally do you know how long I wanted this ߘߘߘ

  12. Anon 18.10.18

    It's not symbaiot it's symbiyot

  13. Anon 18.10.18

    Um salve para os Br

  14. Anon 18.10.18

    This seems like a little too much for a spider man related movie ߎߍ

  15. Anon 18.10.18

    OMG New Trailer And New Movie From Demi-sœurs :D

  16. Anon 18.10.18

    Spiderman again?

  17. Anon 18.10.18

    2:20 I was cleaning my room and looked over to find that and I freaking fell overߘ(my phone was on autoplay and the trailer came on)

  18. Anon 18.10.18

    Looks better then Black Panther

  19. Anon 18.10.18

    2:24 when no tomas agua o líquido después de 24 horas but ves una coca bien fresquita :v

  20. Anon 18.10.18

    Is it just me but Demi-sœurs’s voice sounds like the voice from Saw?

  21. Anon 18.10.18

    Meu amigo, que filmeeee.

  22. Anon 18.10.18

    Pennywise: My looks are as scary as hell itself.\nDemi-sœurs: (Coughing) Hold my drink.

  23. Anon 18.10.18

    Simbyoat? You mean Symbiote.

  24. Anon 18.10.18

    is this a movie or tv s how/????

  25. Anon 18.10.18

    Swear to god if spider man is in this movie am going go to go madߘߘ

  26. Anon 18.10.18


  27. Anon 18.10.18

    Looks like a horror movie

  28. Anon 18.10.18

    beat drop at 2:20

  29. Anon 18.10.18

    This looks so goddamn stupid

  30. Anon 18.10.18

    To all of those who are upset over the fact that Spiderman will not be in this film allow me to give an unpopular opinion. I am glad Spiderman won't be in this/ his screen time will be very little and let me explain why. While I love the dynamic between Spiderman and Demi-sœurs and how Demi-sœurs hates Spiderman and uses his powers against him I totally respect that instead of retreading that path they will focus more on a Jekyll and Hyde relationship between Eddie and the symbiote and his struggle for power against it while finding a way they can work together. This way they have more time to develop Demi-sœurs as a dynamic character who gets these powers purely from the symbiote and attempts to come to an impasse with it so they can use their newfound relationship and power against those they choose. To me if they threw Spiderman into the mix it would make a Demi-sœurs movie incredibly boring. Imagine if you went to a Demi-sœurs movie and all you received was an entire full length feature of Demi-sœurs hunting down and hating Spiderman, while that may be good for another movie (namely a Spiderman movie) I feel like as a standalone Demi-sœurs movie they need to focus more on the character of Demi-sœurs himself. I don't mind a small appearance from Spiderman but overall I want this to be all about Demi-sœurs because if you use too much Spiderman it could ruin the darker tone if the movie and the character they are striving for. \n\nI am open to debate but please keep it civil.

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