16 levers de soleil

S'envoler pour l'espace. C'est ce rêve que Thomas Pesquet a réalisé en décollant depuis la base de Baïkonour. A 450 kilomètres de la Terre, durant ces six mois où le monde semble basculer dans l’inconnu, un dialogue se tisse entre l'astronaute et l’œuvre visionnaire de Saint Exupéry qu’il a emportée dans la station spatiale.


  1. Anon 18.10.18

    coll movie

  2. Anon 18.10.18

    The trailer is effing lit ߘߘߘ

  3. Anon 18.10.18


  4. Anon 18.10.18

    Now that is pretty badass

  5. Anon 18.10.18

    I think it looks awesome!! But it still needs to tie into Spiderman somehow. Hopefully the timeline is after infinity war part 2? Would be an interesting twist if Peter used the symbiote to get stronger against thanos.

  6. Anon 18.10.18

    I've got to admit, Be looks really cool. I still don't expect much from this movie but I will try to watch it.

  7. Anon 18.10.18

    K puta melda de camello carnal >:v

  8. Anon 18.10.18

    О! Хорош! Кто Венома озвычивал? Харди крутой актер, но теперь пришла его очередь покривляться в супер(анти)героике( Надеюсь, когда- нибудь он, как Веном даст по человекопаучьей морде леща!

  9. Anon 18.10.18

    16 levers de soleil the spider man

  10. Anon 18.10.18

    So Cool

  11. Anon 18.10.18

    Film about Tom Hardy with this stupid black things from his body) Like the old one. Relax, schoolboys, you will not be provided, R+ only)\nStupid psychological thriller, obidno.

  12. Anon 18.10.18

    graficamente lindo mas nao faz a porra do sentido de ter um filme solo do venon sem antes o simbionte ter sido do peter. como vao explicar o designer da aranha no peito?

  13. Anon 18.10.18

    Ok and Spiderman?

  14. Anon 18.10.18

    2:24 he raped the guy

  15. Anon 18.10.18


  16. Anon 18.10.18

    KD OS BR?

  17. Anon 18.10.18

    Hahah sambayiot says the girl

  18. Anon 18.10.18

    this vids stacking veiws

  19. Anon 18.10.18

    Самое интересное, то что у героя, щупальца или как их там назвать... Сквозь одежду проходят(( еххх sony-sony

  20. Anon 18.10.18

    This is gonna be the movie of the year

  21. Anon 18.10.18

    New Alex Mercer cosplay looks lit!

  22. Anon 18.10.18

    Thats gonna beߔߔ\nCheck out our stuff if you got time

  23. Anon 18.10.18

    So.villian main character?

  24. Anon 18.10.18

    genial por fin

  25. Anon 18.10.18

    They got 16 levers de soleil'S face perfect. Now let's see his full body, along with the white spider on his chest. If they don't, epic fail.

  26. Anon 18.10.18

    Its a Sony movie, people. Its not gong to be good.

  27. Anon 18.10.18

    blockbuster on its way

  28. Anon 18.10.18


  29. Anon 18.10.18

    Tom Hardy's voice is awesome

  30. Anon 18.10.18

    #WeAre16 levers de soleil

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