In "Skilled Mechanics", I'm the lead vocalist: an interview with Tricky
More than twenty years ago, Bristol-based artist Tricky, together with the bands Portishead and Massive Attack, managed to create other music that was located at the junction of hip-hop, jazz,…

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Styles in music
Style is the sum of all the elements and techniques used in music, its “final” look. The concept of style includes harmonic, melodic, polyphonic and rhythmic material, methods of its…

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What is symphonic electronic music?
The idea to write an article under such a title did not arise from idleness and not at all by chance, but as an urgent need for a precise and…

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The best Manchester bands of all time

The expression “Manchester music” itself has become tautological, given the activity with which this city generates significant groups. An almost impossible feat is to fit the unique Manchester scene of the 70s, 80s, 90s and the present into one list. But we did it.

Here are the groups that played at the cult club “Hacienda”, the leaders of the Oasis Britpop, and the icons of the 21st century The 1975. Manchester produces a more eclectic mixture of talents than its sometimes uniform reputation allows.

The stone roses
The best time to be a fan of The Stone Roses is right now. The group, whose self-titled debut album was released in 1989 and combined guitar rock, dance music and rave culture, announced a number of classical concerts in 2016, including the T In The Park festival.

The 1975
Earlier this year, Peter Hook compared The 1975 to Hall & Oates in an interview with Gigwise. We don’t know if this was a compliment, but the band’s recent release is a bizarre and intoxicating mixture of Bowie, Prince and, of course, The 1975. They are going to take the world by storm with their upcoming second album called (Take Air Into The Light) “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It “(” I like when you sleep, because in your beauty you have no idea about it. “).

The chemical brothers
Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands are from London, but Simons was still interested in New Order and The Smiths at school and moved to Manchester as a teenager. Soon Rowlands followed, who wanted to plunge into the environment of the club “Hacienda”. However, the music that they began to make together was little like the works of their heroes. Their eighth album, “Born In The Echoes”, released this summer, proves that they know how to stay on the crest of a wave without rushing headlong into the spirit of the times.

Everything Everything
The group intends, in their own words, to “avoid the cliches that everyone expects from white guys with guitars from Manchester.” If you are ready to forgive the children for their dismissive tone, Everything Everything can offer you a lot of interesting things. Their third album, “Get To Heaven”, released in 2015, is arguably their best work to date.

Happy mondays
When the Happy Mondays were shown on TV in 1990, they were reminiscent of The Beatles from the Strawberry Fields era. 25 years have passed, and Happy Mondays, along with their eccentric dancer / percussionist Bas, all are not losing ground.

Lonelady began to record music, mixing echoes of post-punk with elements of dance music and funk, onto a four-track cassette recorder sitting in an apartment of a multi-storey building, and since then has become one of the most interesting and unlike any other musicians to date .

Courteeners have known each other since they were ten years old, they grew up in Middleton, and their first concert was held around the same place. Thanks to the feedback from those who heard the band, in 2006 the guys managed to gain popularity, and since then their expressive indie rock has always been in demand.

The youngest group on this Money list was formed in 2011 and released their debut album, The Shadow Of Heaven, a few years later. They don’t like the stamp of “a group from Manchester”, and they say: “None of us are crazy about those groups … Some people think that we are trying to give romance to the image of this city, such as it was in the past” . With or without romance, Money deserves fame.

Although the band’s members are from Cheshire, they met at the Hacienda Club in 1989. After several years of experimenting with different personalities, in 1998 they began playing alternative rock, like the Doves band.

Joy division
Well, Joy Division would have recorded more than two albums. But with the death of 23-year-old Ian Curtis, the death of one of the most significant groups in the history of music came. Unfortunately, the group also opened the gate to the endless cry of pale imitators, but it was worth it.

Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson met next to Manchester club 42nd Street ten years ago when their friends staged a fight. In addition to one of the most underrated Christmas songs, “All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day,” they have authored three brilliant albums with melancholy synth-pop songs.

The buzzcocks
One of the key figures at the base of the Manchester music scene, as well as lots of other scenes and genres, Buzzcocks released singles that surprisingly combined punk and pop. Their name, by the way, was inspired by the title of a review in Time Out: “It’s The Buzz, Cock!” (“Everything is in full swing, buddy!” – in Manchester slang “cock” means “buddy”).

Inspiral carpets
Inspiral Carpets was founded in 1983 in Oldham and is famous for its psychedelic sound with characteristic chaotic guitars and organ. A few years ago, they released their first musical release 15 years after old vocalist Stephen Holt returned to them.

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