Efficient singing
Each musical vocalist must learn one rule: singing is sacred! Most problems associated with voice are caused by a lack of understanding of the importance of warming up the ligaments.…

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Genres in music
Genre (from French genre - genus) is a historically established division, the type of work in the unity of its form and content. They differ in the way of performance…

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Rock, alive all living
It seems to me that these words are a great start to the topic "Rock". Moreover, rock is considered a youth culture, because ... No! Let this be one of…

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Suffixes in song titles

These suffixes are one of the additional ways to determine the attractiveness of a particular release, even if this is the first time you see the name of a track or the name of a producer. The fact is that music is encoded and laid out on the Internet by different people. These people unite in teams, take for themselves some original name and supply all their mp3 releases with an abbreviation of the name of their team. This approach has a huge plus: each team, as a rule, is formed of people who are interested in music of the same style or even direction. Therefore, knowing, for example, that the dh team only uploads a deep house, whenever you want a deep house, you simply download a couple of releases with the suffix ‘-dh’ and enjoy your favorite music.

Today there are more than 400 different teams: there are large enough ones that release 300-500 releases per month, there are rare and well-aimed releases that spread only 10-20, but what releases! For your convenience, we will describe the most significant from our point of view teams sorted by laid out styles and types of music.

1REAL, MS, XDS, OMA, DOC. Large teams specializing in the release of radio broadcasts, club sets, live performances from a variety of DJs and producers, from leading radio stations and from the most famous clubs. Basic styles: house, progressive, trance, techno, drum’n’bass.

2DB, aZTeK, BOSS. The middle hands of the team specialize in breaks and breakbeat music, sometimes they pamper themselves with the attractiveness  a house, most of the music laid out by them goes on vinyl.

CMG, AMOK, FWYH, UBE, radial. Medium-sized teams love hard music: from IDM and noise to trash and hard metal. Main format: CD and CD singles.

DRUM, TR, MTC, SQ, PULSE, SND, NBD. The so-called techno-krew, puts out hard club music, most often it is techno, hard-house or hard-trance. Main format: vinyl.

sour, ATM, RFL, BOSS, BPM, DS, DBU, GDN, NuC. Up to 95% of all jungle / drum’n’bass music is laid out by these teams. Most of the vinyl passes through them, a lot of CDs and almost all of the live sets that come out in England on compact cassettes.

EGO, RNS, BMI, MOD, BPM, XXL. Major teams, laying out the bulk of mainstream music, i.e. production of major labels. Almost all the new MTV format, mass club and dance music, numerous compilations for radio stations and clubs, most of the top rap, hip-hop and r & b musicians come under the auspices of these teams.

GsM, CMS, WCR, krbz. The widest range of hip-hop and rap music has the suffix of these teams. Main formats: vinyl and CD.

EMP, BPM_HOUSE, EGO, BMI, aPC, DPS, JUST, FSP, LOGOS, iDC. These teams cover most of the house scene and release literally everything: vinyl, cd, singles, live, sets … House music is very diverse these days.

tronik, BPM, UTE. All new items and some classics of the progressive scene go under the brand name of these teams. Main format: vinyl, but there are also CDs.

kW, sb, diss. The most different lo-fi music and quiet non-club electronics, in a word, the most delicious musical creams are produced by these teams.

gEm, PSi, PsyCZ. Various psychedelic trance music, sometimes techno and non-club electronics. Main format: CD, sometimes vinyl or MD.

dh. As already mentioned above, dh = deep house. And nothing else.

FSP Almost all French music: from rock and chanson to house and hip hop, is released by the French Sound Providers team.

JAH, JUST, 0mni. Reggae, dancehall, dub – if this is your music, you will certainly be interested in these teams.

diss, WCR, RNS, DPS. The specialty of these teams is various instrumental music: from jazz, funk and soul to classical and French chanson. Main format: CD.

We repeat that these are only the most significant teams from our point of view. Most likely, your preferences will develop completely differently. But the main thing is important: the release suffix is ​​no less, and sometimes even more important than its style, especially for most ordinary listeners who are not gurus in the infinite variety of modern music.

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